Celebrating the Savoury

Last month Clonakilla was privileged to be involved with a Melbourne Food and Wine Festival event. Under the banner of ‘Celebrating the Savoury’, Clonakilla, along with Dalwhinnie winery, was asked to provide some of our top vintages to be paired with food prepared by the legendary Jacques Reymond at his restaurant in Prahran. Our own Tim Kirk and David Jones from Dalwhinnie provided the commentary for each of their wines served throughout the evening.

After a splash of champagne we moved into the first course of the evening: deep sea hapuka and ocean trout en croute, a lemon caviar and chive sauce. This was served with a 2011 Dalwhinnie Moonambel Chardonnay and the 2011 Clonakilla Viognier. Both wines delicate and structured enough to enhance the subtle flavours of the seafood.

Below, a selection of photos from the evening by David Reist.

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Wine and time: 2012 dinner series

For the Clonakilla 2012 dinner series we conducted a really enjoyable set of dinners investigating the age-worthiness of Clonakilla wines at some fine dining establishments around the country.

We started each dinner with a glass or two of the 2012 Viognier Nouveau. This has proven to be a very successful wine for us. Built on the (correct) assumption that sometimes you just want a drink, something that is neither heavy nor intense. Just a nice bright fresh glass of wine that hits the spot without asking too much of you.

With the first course we served a bracket of Rieslings. The vintages varied over the dinners but the most common combination was 2002, 2006 and 2012.
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Celebrating 20 Years of Shiraz Viognier

Encouraged by his son Jeremy to try something new & rare, John Kirk planted the white grape Viognier in his Murrumbateman vineyard in 1986. John’s son Tim, after a transcendent tasting experience in Cote Rotie in 1991, returned to the family winery with a vision for co-fermenting the Viognier with the Clonakilla Shiraz.

The first vintage was 1992. Twenty years on, to celebrate the release of the 20th vintage of this ground-breaking wine, we held a six course dinner at Circa in St Kilda. We tasted all 20 Shiraz Viognier vintages, a selection of Clonakilla Rieslings, and a bracket of the new dark horse, the Clonakilla Syrah.

We were privileged to have a professional photographer in attendance to record the evening. Neil Prieto is a Melbourne based photographer who does a lot of work with Adrian Lander. Below is a gallery of some of the images he produced. Follow this link to view more.

New vineyard photos

People from all over the world drop by our humble premises. Recently a photographer from the UK popped in wanting to take some shots of the vineyard. His name is Jonathan Pearson and you can see some of his other work at: www.pearsongraphics.com

He has generously shared some of his work with us and we pass them on to you.

Featuring the oak tree that our Ballinderry was named after.

Vines in flower

Following a week of abundant rainfall, temperatures rise and the vines respond with healthy vigour. The delicate inflorescences of a few weeks before now begin to flower

– canes and tendrils urgently reaching for support and light.

The vineyard revealing its glory.